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Precision mechanical processing

Specializing in the field of stamping, we hope to bring to our customers satisfy with numerous quality-assured metal parts

Metal hinges processing service

Hardware materials, stainless steel door hinges, etc. are processed according to customer requirements, ensuring their strong and efficient operation and durability. Committed to the most competitive pricing in the precision parts market.

Metal hardware processing service

We manufacture and process metal hardware accessories such as hinges, door pads, etc. The output products are diverse in size and design, anti-corrosion, rust-resistant, and have high aesthetics.

Car and motorbike components processing service

Putting product quality first, Van Minh supplies stamping automotive parts to help enhance safety and durability, thus increasing the value of customers' daily transportation.

Telecommunication equipment processing service

These products help connect and transmit telecommunications signal easily. Receive large-volume orders, and ensure the high thermal stability of finished products. Lifetime warranty.

Construction components processing service

Components such as jacks and scaffold tubes are processed with many different specifications and thicknesses, ensuring construction safety. The product quality is strictly tested before reaching partners and customers.

On-demand processing service

Van Minh processes large quantities of household products, hammock stands, etc. on demand. The meticulous processing of finished products ensures high precision, high aesthetics, and no errors.


Manufacturing on demand

We specialize in cutting, bending, punching, and stamping a variety of mechanical parts on advanced machine lines. The high-precision products meet all requirements of customers and partners.

High-skilled engineers

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of mechanical processing, Van Minh ensures a fast processing schedule and perfect finished products always reaching customers in the shortest time.

High credibility

Our products have gained many positive reviews from businesses and enterprises across the country for their high-quality and professional consulting, sales, and after-sales services.



Established in 2005, Van Minh Mechanical Facility is the top specialist in the field of mechanical processing on demand: Cutting - Bending - Punching - Stamping, etc. 

Main products:
Auto and motorcycle parts: Hinges, components, pipe covers, truck locks, etc.
Construction parts: jacks, connecting pipes, etc.
Other products: Cable accessories, table and chair accessories and components, electronics accessories, machine tools, etc.

Our commitment:
High-quality and durable products.
Precision processing according to customer drawings and requirements.
Progress as fast as committed.
Reasonable and competitive price.

It is our pleasure to serve you!

Van Minh Mechanical Facility




Van Minh Mechanical Facility

Address: Rua Ha Hamlet, Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: +84986522829


Mr. Ly Van Doan


Van Minh Mechanical Facility specializes in cutting, bending, punching, and stamping auto parts, construction accessories, etc. on demand, committed to durable products at a fairly reasonable price. Contact us now!


Van Minh Mechanical Facility

Address: Rua Ha Hamlet, Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: +84986522829


Van Minh Mechanical Facility
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